Installing Stackpile

{primary} Why use Stackpile?

Stackpile offers an easy way for you to install 3rd party apps and tools on your website in seconds without expensive code changes.

Adding Stackpile to your site is super easy. Simply follow the steps below and you'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Step 1 Create your Stack

After signing up, head over to your Dashboard and add your first stack.

Create your stack

Step 2 Copy and Install the Snippet

Once your stack has been added, copy the code snippet and add it to the head section of your website. Place it before the closing </head> tag.

Copy and install your snippet

The Stackpile snippet will load your stack as well as the Unified Analytics API, enabling you to add and remove apps and integrations without having to edit your site again.

{primary} Unified Analytics API

Unified Analytics enables you to send tracking and identify events to all of your installed integrations without having to implement each app's API.

See our Tracking and Identify documentation for more info.

Step 3 Install Integrations

You can now remove any 3rd party apps and integrations that you will be installing via Stackpile from your site.

Install your first integration

Add as many integrations as you like. They will automatically be installed on your site

Install as many integrations as you like

Once the Stackpile snippet has been installed on your site you're ready to track custom events or pages and identify your users using our Unified Analytics API.

{primary} Need more help?

We'd love to help you get started with Stackpile. Check out the video below to see the process of adding the code snippet to your site from start to finish or get in touch with us.